How to Plan a Perfect and Memorable Holidays Tips? (Crazy Tips)

A lot of people dream of that perfect trip. A short time away from stressful work and the hustle bustle of the city. Quality time with our friends or relatives.

The excitement builds as we prepare for that eventful getaway and hype ourselves thinking about it. Vacations like all things require precise planning to be perfect.

How to Plan a Memorable holidays.

There are many factors involved in any out of town trip. The first is transportation. Double check and confirm all ticket dates and connecting flights. The best way to ruin your trip is to arrive two days late without your luggage.

If you are going on a long overland trip ensure that the vehicle is in perfect running condition. Have a mechanic run a check and change the oil.

Do the same with your lodging. Make sure all arrangements are to up your standard and reconfirm before arriving.

Prearrange your outfits

There is a difference in the clothes you will need to bring if you are going to the beach, a ski resort, or fishing. Bring out the entire ensemble for each day and night on your itinerary and pack accordingly. Then pack extra underwear and a full set of clothes for emergencies.

Sweat the small stuff

Create a checklist of small items you would need to bring. Start with your toiletries, special medication, sunblock, gadgets, extra batteries, secret cash, passport, and other small things. Double check everything before you leave.

Consider the special cases.

If you have children going on trips then create a section of checklist for their clothes and needs. Will there be people with allergies, can’t eat pork, gluten-free diet, diabetic, vegetarian, and other special needs? Check the itinerary for possible problems and inform the venue about the special cases.

A checklist and good foresight is the key to a perfect vacation. Follow up and confirm all the arrangements to ensure a stressful trip. Do not try to save money and end up in a cabin setting for a B-movie.

A successful holiday or outing, requires one to pack the right, required stuff . Packing the wrong stuff could end up leaving you with extra baggage. Here are some tips for holidays packing.

Note the Holiday details 

The first step for planning on what to carry on your holiday, is knowing where you are headed for your holiday, what the weather will be like, why are you going for the holiday, how long will be the holiday and how you are going to get there. Knowing the details of your holiday are key to knowing the things you are going to bring along on your trip.

Write a packing list

Writing a packing list allows you to edit by adding or removing things from the list. the list should be neat a well organized. You can write the list on either a piece of paper or electronically . Writing a list will allow you to know what exactly you have packed and what you are leaving behind.

Pack the essentials first

One of the crucial tips for holidays packing is that when packing, ensure that you pack the most essential things first before adding extra stuff . Essentials are the things you use from day to day ,basic need items like identification items, cleaning items, medication for those who require medication and the right financial requirements. The right clothing should be packed first .Move to bathroom items such as toothbrush, body wash , personal shampoo, toilet paper. When packing the essential stuff ,consider the duration of the holiday ,if for example you’re going for a four day holiday ,bring along two rolls of toilet paper incase you wont be provided with it.

Pack the extra stuff last

Non essential stuff like entertainment should be packed last. entertainment varies from magazines, mp3 players, extra phones and generally anything that one needs to get entertained.






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